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Promise Statement

over 2 years ago

John  Jordan, Principal 



A Value Promise Geared towards Growth for all Stakeholders


As Principal of Metter High School, I am extremely proud and consider myself fortunate to be able to collaborate with hard working educational professionals and I am proud to be able to work with the students and parents of this community. I also consider myself fortunate to be in a community whereby there is pride and support exhibited by all stakeholders consistently. The deep-rooted pride, extreme hard work, and vision promoted growth and extraordinary achievements in this community. I am committed to continuing this tradition of high achievement and hard work in order to help our students achieve at high levels.

As the Principal of Metter High School, I hold strong beliefs concerning student and faculty growth. In order to foster high achievement and personal growth for all students and faculty members, I promise…

  1. to surround myself and our school with teachers who believe strongly in professional growth as well as persons who actively seek best practices.
  2. to collaborate with each faculty member on how we can realize our vision of significantly improving student achievement.
  3. to involve teachers with identifying lagging academic performance areas as well as involve you in the planning to eliminate implementation gaps. (Plan)
  4. to observe, coach, and evaluate teacher performance fairly, honestly, and timely with specific feedback to ensure teacher growth and to hold each other accountable for implementation of Departmental and School Improvement Plans.(Do) (Check)
  5. to arrange for professional development for all certified teachers on standards-based classrooms. (ACT)
  6. to value results and relationships.

  • About The School
    Welcome to the Jungle!

    Welcome to Metter High School located in Metter, GA. Our principal is John Jordan. The school sits in the rural county area on Hwy 129 South. MHS is a beautiful single story building of 66,677 sq. ft. This particular building has been in that location since 2001. Other buildings that are included on the campus are a weight room, athletic field house, greenhouse, and JROTC building.

    There are approximately 560 students with 53 faculty and staff members. The student body is a very diverse one. Our student body ratio is fifty-three percent white, thirty-three percent black, eleven percent Hispanic, one percent other. These students and the staff work hard to maintain the integrity of Metter High School. We are driven to maintain excellence.
  • Mission Statement
    The mission of Metter High School is to provide a solid educational foundation based on a multifaceted academic, physical and social program that will prepare and encourage our students to become responsible, productive citizens.

    Our success depends on shared goals and teamwork among parents, students, faculty and the community.

    A successful school promotes cooperation, self-discipline and motivation in all students.
    High expectations and encouragement are necessary for student success in school, social and personal endeavors.
    All students can be taught that they are responsible for the consequences of their actions.
    All students have the right and the responsibility to learn and to reach individual levels of success.
    Educators should be positive role models for students.
    All students have the opportunity to learn the skills and knowledge that will enable them to become responsible citizens.
    Students and teachers will perform their respective jobs in a safe learning environment.
    Effective educators have high expectations for responsible work habits and honorable, ethical conduct from all students.
    Successful students should have opportunities to explore the world of modern technology.
    Work ethics are an integral part of an educational program.
Character Education
AUGUST School Pride / Virtue
SEPTEMBER Respect for Self, Others, Environment, Creator
OCTOBER Honesty / Loyalty / Courage
NOVEMBER Caring / Kindness
DECEMBER Cooperation / Generosity
JANUARY Self-Control / Perseverance
FEBRUARY Tolerance / Compassion
MARCH Responsibility / Diligence
APRIL Citizenship / Patriotism
MAY Fairness / Punctuality